In the Kitchen Recipe #3: Quickie Chicken Fiesta

For this week’s recipe, my mom has the day off. She is in the midst of packing up our entire house, so she can barely find a wooden spoon much less deliver a cooking lesson. So, my sister offered up one of her week night go-to’s. I’ll admit I’m a little leery. I have had some delicious treats from my sister, however she has also been known to pour marinara sauce over spaghetti squash and call it a night. Nevertheless, I’m willing to give this quickie chicken fiesta a whirl, and we’ll compare notes with any adjustments from my mom next week.

Begin by poaching two chicken breasts in seasoned water or chicken broth. (Note: Poaching was one of those cooking terms that completely confused me. My mom instructed to bring water to a boil, then lower to a simmer. Add the chicken, cover, and monitor so that the chicken is cooked in the warm, but not boiling water. If it is boiling the chicken will become rubbery and tough.)

In another sauce pan cook some white or brown rice (follow instructions on bag.)

In a separate pan simmer a can of spicy tomatoes (look for the can with green chilies or a Mexican mix) and rinsed black beans.

Once the chicken is cooked (should be white throughout with an internal temperature of 165 degrees) shred it with two forks. 

Add the shredded chicken to the tomatoes and black beans with some chicken broth. Add the rice, toss, simmer and serve. I like to top with fresh cilantro or a little sour cream.


Multiple Cocktails

I love a good summer cocktail, but I love a fabulous cocktail ring any time of year! Over the top costume jewelry has a permanent place in my accessory rotation, but I’ve always had a soft spot for large rings. Some, (a certain feathered version) are border line absurd according to my boyfriend, but they are always conversation starters…and make typing infinitely more enjoyable! Cocktail rings belong on the strong index and middle fingers, and when flaunting finger bling go ahead and skip the bangles.

There are loads of choices for where to snatch up your bauble, including some great finds on Etsy:

1.Kenneth Jay Lane
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3.Roberto Cavalli

5.Grape Juice Swarovski Crystal Rock Candy (I’m obsessed with this!)
6.Lunar Eclipse Ring
7.Ornamented Gold Plated Ring

Update: Salsa Cheesecake

Wow never in 50 posts (!!) have I received so many comments focused on one point-salsa cheesecake! They want, need, have to try salsa cheesecake! I had other ideas for today’s post but they will have to wait to satisfy the readers.
I promptly called Chef Mom to see where she found the recipe. She tore it out of a 2004 Cooking Light Slow Cooker Cookbook. I now see where I get my affinity for adjusting recipes, she used a bain-marie (water bath) rather than a slow cooker. She also recommends making this dish the day of for optimal taste. Click on the image for an enlarged version as it is a rather extensive recipe, but trust me, completely worth the effort!


When I have the time and patience I love to whip up some delicious eats in my galley kitchen. Today, while my stomach grumbled at 10:30am, I did a little Food Network search and found this Paula Deen recipe for Lime Shrimp Lettuce Wraps. The recipe is clean, simple, and has delicious bold flavors. Of course, I couldn’t leave it be so I made a few tweaks and it was yummmmm.
First I deveined, shelled, and ripped the legs off of my shrimp- highly satisfactory after a long day! Of course you can also use shelled shrimp if you had a nice perky day! I tossed the shrimp with the juice of half an orange, instead of lime, soy sauce, a half teaspoon of peanut butter and a flick of crushed garlic. I left this to marinate.
After half an hour I threw this in a pan with half of a pepper (pick your favorite color) and half of an onion.

While this was sending delicious smelling sizzles into the air I scrubbed and dried some large crisp Boston lettuce leaves. Most recipes call for iceberg, but I find it breaks down too easily sending drippings into your fingers that would be much better in your mouth!
Finally I poured the pan mixture onto the lettuce, sprinkled a few almond slivers, parsley, and sat down to devour some guiltless comfort food. Enjoy!