Trend To Try: Metallic Midi Skirt

Two year’s ago I was given a metallic midi skirt. It was one of those pieces that I instantly loved and also had zero idea of how I would wear. Fast forward two years and it’s still sitting in my closet and I’m pretty sure this is the season it will make it’s debut.


Recently I’ve seen plenty of street style inspiration featuring pleated metallic skirts. I love a leather jacket paired with almost any ultra feminine look, but could also see myself in the contrasting fuzzy crop top or sweater combo.While the street style crew likes to pair the look with sneakers (not featured here), like most anything else, I think the look is completed best with a sky high heel.

  1. This is the perfect shade of pink if you’re not ready to go the metallic route.
  2. My absolute favorite look of the bunch. This could be a perfect holiday party look.
  3. This look makes the crop top feel new again, especially with the exaggerated maxi hem.
  4. The most ladylike version of the look is ready for the office holiday party, just add a statement earring.

A few options to try the look out…

If you’re ready to fully commit this skirt is incredible.

Love the slightly longer length of this one– I find it much more flattering.

A gorgeous cut and pretty color.

To test the trend, this is an easy and pretty entry point.


The Season of White Jeans

Maybe it’s because we’re now living on the west coast, but this spring/summer is shaping up to be the season of white jeans. As much as I love denim, this is a look I’ve always passed up for several reasons. Firstly, how in the world do you not spill coffee, brush against your dirty car/subway, or generally get the look of life on white pants? Secondly, I’ve always felt they made my legs look wide, and finally the look came off a little too preppy for my taste. However, this year I’ve started to see a version of the trend that has me willing to jump in, as seen below (via WhoWhatWear).


It’s a little bit more relaxed, a little more worn, and lot cooler than the white jean ensembles I’ve seen in the past. A little fleck of dirt won’t be so glaringly obvious against torn up jeans, plus the shape is roomier and more forgiving. Here are a few of my notes for styling white denim this spring and summer:

  • Relaxed skinny: I am not one for painted on denim and definitely not in white. Give yourself a little breathing room and you’ll avoid the show-through and cling factor.
  • Crop or Flare: Or both! I love the new crop flare, but that’s a whole different story. White jeans also feel fresh in a full flare or ankle crop. Straight white denim can feel a bit stuffy.
  • Shredded: A little distressing once again relaxes the prep factor of straight white denim.

A few new pairs of white jeans to test drive the look…

On a side note I gave a pair of cropped white jeans a test run yesterday. The look worked until I leaned against my car…luckily on the way home!

Fantasy Shopping: Shoes

Am I the only one who ever goes fantasy shopping, some casual online or window browsing with the mindset of “if money were no object?” I was casually browsing Luella & June, which happened to click me over to Moda Operandi’s sales (ruh oh) where I came to a screeching halt over these Dolce & Gabbana sequined beauties. They have a 4 inch heel, Swarovski flowers, and the cutest Mary Jane strap. Also, there just happens to only be one pair left…in my size. Please someone do us a favor and go snatch these up. Unless one of these lucky Powerball tickets works out tonight, then please step away from my shoes.



Frozen Tundra Layering Essentials

Despite last week’s blizzard flop, New York has still settled into a very cold and windy frozen tundra. This makes getting dressed in a somewhat interesting outfit incredibly difficult, even after mustering up the motivation to leave your house. To stay warm and stylish, without resorting to a giant puffer coat and leggings, layers are absolutely required. There are endless articles on layering, including how the J.Crew models where four shirts and don’t look like a crazy person, but I’ve decided to pare it down to the essential top layers that will beat boredom and chill in the months ahead.

 photo sweaters_zps7f48cb0f.jpg
Chunky knits are ultra warm and cozy, but make layering difficult. While they may be perfect for skiing, I prefer warm thin knits for layering under vests or jackets. In a slim extended cut they can be just as cozy without the added bulk.

I remember the first time I bought a short sleeve turtleneck and my sister could not figure out how that made sense. Now I’m tempted to get this longer sleeveless version. A tunic length is perfect for making leggings respectable outside the gym, and sleeveless is perfect for layering under a blazer or cropped jacket.

I’m not much of a cardigan fan since they make me feel a little matronly. However, a huge wrap sweater I can totally get behind. I like to layer these under a warm coat for ultra chilly days, plus when you wrap the lapels over your chest you can eliminate a scarf.

The Very Last Minute Gift Guide

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have exactly one week until Christmas. So if you are a little late in your gift shopping (guilty), as promised, I have assembled a quick last minute gift guide. Whether you’re just starting or have a few stragglers left needing stocking stuffers, these should help you wrap up the list.

 photo fitness_zps93d1db6d.jpg
Gifts for a fitness fan should be a little luxurious, indulgent to their chosen hobby and not overly technical (don’t even try buying running shoes if they are a seasoned jogger.)

– These gloves allow your favorite runner to change their iPod list without slowing their pace to yank off gloves. Plus they wick away moisture, so their fingers will stay toasty on a long training day.
– There are few things worse than a running wedgie, and these undies have rave reviews for full workout comfort. Just make sure you know the recipient well!
– If you know that your workout buddy doesn’t have Spotify premium, gift them a few months. Many gyms in NYC (mine included!) have underground workout equipment so the free streaming service cuts out. This is a serious game changer.
– A glass water bottle is arguably the healthiest, but not optimal for a gym. This one has a safety bubble and a flip out straw.

 photo c1aa9dd9-b6ca-4ede-95d2-8a29b01622bd_zps95b9031f.jpg

You don’t have to know the perfect lipstick for their skin tone to gift your beauty junkie a gift they’ll actually use.

– If you know their go-to daily fragrance, gift a refill in a pretty bottle.
– I loved these crazy makeup kits as a kid, and Sephora has plenty of colorful kits to play with as adults too. My mom gave me one last year and I love dabbling in it for a night out.
– Few people can shell out for a $55 mani, but these Paintbox designs are insanely gorgeous? Definitely a luxurious gift for a city local.
– Quality makeup brushes will be a perfect companion to your friend’s favorite products.
– Create a goodie bag of some of your favorite lotions and potions (like this dry lip saver!)

 photo manmain_zps638c14b7.jpg

You probably have a few guys left on your list because they are just so hard to shop for!
– This game is crude and hilarious, perfect for guy time or as an ice breaker when playing host.
– A shawl neck sweater looks good on everyone and instantly upgrades the style of anyone who made need a little…boost.
– A manly foodie love story, perfect for chilly weekend reading in January.
– My husband puts hot sauce on everything from eggs to pizza, now he can take it to go.
– This is so much sleeker than our current iPod dock, plus if your guy has to travel for work, this can easily slip in his carry-on.
– I love that pocket squares have come back. Last year I monogrammed my dad’s initials on a set of handkerchiefs, and you could do the same with a single pocket square.

I’m hitting the streets to wrap up my shopping tomorrow, good luck!