This or That: Party Pants

 photo sequinpants_zpsb13acdaa.jpg

(MILLY Sequined tulle straight-leg pant/ Silence + Noise Sequin Pant)

With just two weekends left before Christmas, this weekend is undoubtedly full of holiday festivities, or even better, it’s an excuse to host a last minute shindig of your own. While hosting a party comes with it’s own bundle of stresses, it also offers the luxury that at the end of the night you can turn off the lights and roll into bed while your guests brave the chill to hail a cab home.
As the host, you need a festive outfit that captures the atmosphere you hope to create, as well as being comfortable enough to stand, refill, and mingle in all night. Sequin sweatpants may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but can you really think of a better suited piece? I first came across a pair of sequin joggers in the window of Anthropologie last winter. They were beautifully styled (as the team always manages to do) and I often reference that mental polaroid when putting together my own hostess look. Recently I saw Blair sporting another pair of beautiful sparkly joggers and again went on a clicking spree to locate them. While I really do love this piece, the price seemed a little steep for a pair of pants that (even for me!) offers limited wearing potential. However, last night I happened to spot a near identical pair from Urban Outfitters on Pinterest. They seem to offer the same straight silhouette with a slight slouch and easy waistband and while they aren’t cheap, they do offer a less expensive way to test drive the look for your next soiree. (P.S This black pair and these velvet sweatpants are also fun festive options.)

Mindy’s Ultimate Holiday Dress

Last night’s episode of The Mindy Project included the always enjoyable office holiday party. While the episode itself was hilarious, I was fairly preoccupied with the incredible dress Mindy wore for the occasion. The dress is a custom creation by her costume designer and perfectly captures sexy sophistication (take that Danny!) Firstly, I love that this dress isn’t black. It is so challenging to find great cocktail dresses in color, but the search certainly pays off. Secondly, I love the flattering neckline and subtle cut-out. The currently trending high necklines just don’t work for me and never feel as fancy and special. Finally, I love the combination of impeccable tailoring and the midi hemline. The fact that the dress is a custom creation definitely helps in the fit department, but I’m sure that this is also a thick, structured fabric to hug rather than cling.

After scouring the internet, I really can’t find a dress that perfectly hits all of these categories (not to mention the beautiful crystal detailing on Mindy’s piece!) However, I did find three that I would definitely sip champagne in for my next holiday party. I’m also crossing my fingers that her costume designer finds the time to create his own line…

 photo mindyholiday_zps5fd526bf.jpg

It’s incredibly difficult to find a dress this unique at a reasonable price point, however there are several great options to rent for a special occasion. This Cushnie Et Ochs dress has the same rich green color and subtle cut-outs on the shoulder.

Rich burgundy is another great holiday dress options, and this wallet friendly midi dress could easily be dressed up with some festive gems. The seaming detail also plays flattering tricks on the eyes.

Another rental option, this David Meister dress has a pretty textural detail on the bodice and that same gorgeous holiday hue.

Camera-worthy Pajamas

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I cracked up when I saw this page in the most recent J.Crew catalog. I love looking at old photos from our family Christmas mornings, but I think we can all agree a scrunchie, old hoodie, and mismatched pajama bottoms does not make for an attractive family photo opp (add in some middle school glasses and yikes!) I love the idea of cozy pj sets especially in the winter when we honestly spend quite a bit more time cuddled up in loungewear. While flannel sounds appropriate, our apartment can go from 60 – 85 degrees in a single day (thanks building heat!) so I prefer cotton or knit. I found some of the cutest sets at the best prices from Victoria’s Secret, although Gap has some good options on sale too.

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The Cotton Mayfair Pajama/ The Fireside Long Jane Pajama (I have these and love them!)/ The Sleepover Knit Pajama/ Printed Poplin Sleep Set

The Coat Edit

Sometime in the future I will have a walk in closet with endless winter outerwear options, but for right now mine are kept in the utility closet by the front door. For this reason, I keep a fairly streamlined collection of coats. To stay nice and toasty without being hit by extreme dressing boredom I recommend keeping three coats in rotation for the next four months. This does not include light fall layers like everybody’s favorite leather bomber jacket. Honestly, we’ve all tried to pass this as a “coat” and been left shivering as the wind slices through it like a knife. When the windchill arrives, put it away and reach for one of the below.

 photo look1_zps8a29ca84.jpg


Look 1/ Look 2/ Look 3

The Dress Coat: This is the coat that can be thrown on at a moment’s notice to instantly add a dose of sophistication. It should be mid thigh or longer and likely made of wool. I’ve gotten the most mileage out of my cocoon coat from last year that perfectly blends comfort with clean lines. This staple should be in a neutral, and while camel is definitely the color of the moment, I’ll always make an argument that red or a crisp pattern can also play as a neutral.

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Look 1/ Look 2/ Look 3

The Wild Card: In the winter, it’s highly likely that many people will never see what you’re wearing under your coat. For a night out or a lazy Saturday, a wild card is the fun coat that can create a “look” out of nothing. I highly recommend faux fur since you will be extremely warm and feel at least slightly like a rock star. Definitely a winning combo.

 photo look3_zpsa45bd0b3.jpg

Look 1/ Look 2/ Look 3

The Puffer Coat: Let’s face it, if you live in the northern half of the United States you will wake up one morning and realize it is really freaking cold. You need something that cuts the wind and is as warm as humanly possible. To maintain as much style as possible look for a nipped waist, heavy fill, matte or semi matte finish, and make sure it covers your derriere to avoid a wind gust up your back (the worst!) While you’ll be spending a lot of time in this piece, it thankfully doesn’t have to break the bank.

A Crop Sweater Three Ways

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One of my favorite stores in NYC is the Piperlime store in Soho. Yes, I am a frequent shopper of their online shop, but their brick and mortar spot is They’ve revamped and no longer have the cute signs that correspond to their online categories (“Girl on a Budget”, “Splurge Worthy”, etc), but it’s still great. Right now they are stocked full of sparkle, fringe, brocade and tables overflowing with holiday shindig goodness. I took my mom downtown for a little retail therapy on Sunday and it was awesome. (Say what you will about retail therapy, a little dosage never hurt anyone.) We laughed over fringe covered sweaters that my husband would undoubtedly hate, debated faux leather skirts, oogled shelves of booties, and shared a dressing room to snag sale rack sweaters. I walked out with this cropped sweater and am so pumped to wear it throughout the upcoming months. I didn’t actually purchase a crop top over the summer, and it seems strange to embrace the skin baring trend as the temps dip below freezing, but I’ve found my inspiration and am ready to bare some upper abs…with a coat just in case I (definitely) overindulge at dinner.

Look 1: The crop top and full midi skirt is a stylish balancing act.
Look 2: I love the idea of a long skirt and playful crop top for a different holiday party look (this one is gorgeous.)
Look 3: Layering the sweater gives it extra mileage in more conservative environments (another layered look.)