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Boots are by far my favorite shoes for the fall/winter season. I could wax poetic about the perfect balance of style comfort in my favorite pairs, but I’ll spare you (you’re welcome!) When a boot sale email from Nordstrom landed in my inbox, I couldn’t help but do a little “window” shopping. Here are four pairs I would happily snatch up this season.

The wide cuff of this bootie is perfect for ankle exposing skinny jeans or a mini with tights.

These rugged (in the most glam way) Coach boots remind me of the gum boots popular in Australia. The rugged sole and pull on style are perfect for the approaching winter weather.

If Miranda Priestly kept a pair of a$$ kicking boots under her desk at work, I picture them looking just like this.

I’ve said it numerous times, but my over-the-knee Stuart Weitzman boots are my absolute favorite in both style and comfort. If you’re on the hunt for a pair, add this similar style to your cart stat.

Steal Her Look For…

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Annnnd it’s November! This gorgeous time of year also ushers in the amped up social schedule of holiday happy hours, work parties, and friendly get-togethers. It helps to have a handful of outfits pre-approved so you can scoot out of the office without a pit-stop at home. Miroslava is a street style star for a reason, and this outfit works on so many levels. Weeknight dinners are the perfect way to break up a work week and I like to add the same balance of relaxation and cozy style in the occasion’s outfit. A conservatively layered top works at the office and with the tricky weather, while heeled boots easily carry you into the evening. Before the temperatures hit zero, a hefty cardigan can double as a coat, especially when layered over a warm turtleneck. I have trouble with skirts in the winter. Dark tights can seem dull, but short hemlines and high heels can veer into tricky territory. The multiple layers on top keep this look securely in the safe zone, and the mix of textures offer plenty of versatility.

This look plays with multiple patterns and textures; however, I prefer for the cardigan to anchor the color scheme. The dressed up faux fur collar of this one is an added bonus.

A graphic yet neutral print on the mini skirt makes it easy to mix. Look for a sleek tailored shape to balance top layers.

I adore my over the knee boots and wear them all season long. Look for a simple design with quality materials that will last several years.

A well fitting black turtleneck works as a great layering piece. Make sure it’s long enough to tuck in without adding bulk.

While I would love Miroslava’s exact bag…this one offers a similar shape with a pretty animal print inlay.

Steal Her Look For….

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Oooph Monday, you do love to sneak up on a girl don’t you? For those mornings where the last thing you feel like doing is climbing out of bed, let alone washing your hair, this is a look to keep on repeat. I think everyone raised an eyebrow when culottes made a comeback (grade school gym class anyone?) but this season’s version is more wide leg capris than bunched up bermuda short. Now grab a sweater with equal parts tailored silhouette and snuggle factor plus a double espresso. Wayfarers may not make the cut in Monday’s status meeting, but they’ll steal you a few more minutes in bed before you swipe on some concealer at your desk. Here’s to a great week!

– Culottes can easily toe the line between terribly unflattering and calf skimming chic. I vote for a pair that hits mid shin or lower and a gradually flared silhouette instead of a full length wide leg. This Elizabeth and James pair may be my favorite, but the above black staples are stylish and far more budget friendly.
– While I love this lady’s exaggerated sleeve length, I would tidy up the structure for the office. This slim turtleneck has the length I love with a tight knit and loose neck.
– The punchy color of this bag will wake up any morning, and the clean lines are definitely commute worthy.
These pumps are obviously not an exact match, but I actually like them more. This is not an animal print you often see, but I supersized black and white motif feels fun and neutral (a tough pairing!)
Sunglasses because it’s Monday, enough said!

Boots Made For Walking

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It happens every fall. As the temperature starts to dip I realize that I won’t be able to get away with sockless flats much longer, and with a run-around-the-city lifestyle, I can’t wear heels 24/7. As much as I’ve tried, even wedge sneakers and a low heel boot will start to ache in the balls of your feet after twenty five blocks. I adore (obsessively) adore boots, but sometimes style requires, or desires, something lower than a mid shaft riding boot.

This week my mom happened to be in town, and we headed out to hunt down some new shoes for her (she had a whole host of foot complaints) and I tagged along looking for my own inspiration. Lo and behold I came across these flat ankle boots. They are completely different from what I would normally wear., I love the off-brown color and loose around the ankle fit (no clingy calf cleavage.) What shocked me even more? These gems are from Sperry!

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After three years of college at the Sperry capital of the country, I swore up and down that I would never own “boat shoes.” I am always impressed when a brand with a strong history grows and shifts successfully without neglecting their roots. Props to Sperry for making one of the most comfortable and cutest pairs of boots made for walking this season. Also, to me for gaining some footwear maturity. I’m sure my toes will thank me one day.

*I just so happened to marry a man who owns more than one or three pairs of Sperry classics, but I’ve grown to accept his taste. The shoe clash even came out in my sister’s speech at our wedding!

Steal Her Look For…

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A day date could be brunch, lunch, antiquing or a matinee movie. In any case, the date you’ve been waiting for pops up at a moment’s notice. Maybe it’s last-minute, maybe earlier plans now have you running late in preparations. The look for this occasion needs to make you feel special while portraying confidence and general attractiveness (it is a date!) The answer for fall is the statement coat, preferably one that nearly acts as an outfit on its own. The near ankle-length of this red stunner is over the top drama, but you can just as easily use a calf grazer or cocoon style. Boyfriend skinny jeans and slouchy white tee keep it casual (aka you didn’t try too hard, but just happen to look this good.) Of course you add python heels. There is a subtle sexiness to animal print that will off set your casual denim perfectly. Now run out the door and cross your fingers that your coat catches in the wind like this lady, but avoid any cobblestone tripping hazards.

This image has been pinned all over the internet and catches my eye every.single.time.
– This Vince coat has the same shocking hue in a slightly shorter length. This one is a darker burgundy, but an equally cozy shape. Maybe hold it for the last-minute night date.
Skinny boyfriend jeans in a slightly faded traditional blue. Check.
Pointy pumps in subtly sexy snake print. Bonus points for these actually being comfortable – nobody likes the date that can’t walk.
– A substantial clutch in the season’s must-have print to hold only the essentials.

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