Shopping Notes: A Parka

In my family, I have quickly become the go-to person for, “I really want “blank”…can you find it for me?” As someone who enjoys shopping, I know all to well that you will never find exactly what you want right when you need it. I tend to take to take it as a sort of shopping mission when my family sends me these requests, and thought it would be fun to document the┬áhunt.

This weekend my sister asked for my help in finding a light weight, canvas-looking anorak or parka. She has both a heavy weather resistant coat and a knee length wool coat for very cold temperatures. She is in the market for something lighter and more casual that she can throw on with jeans or a casual dress. Living in Nashville I know that my sister has few very formal occasions, and also (lucky lady!) a very short time span of freezing temperatures. Also of note, my sister hates faux fur trim. With this in mind I think I found a few strong contenders…

 photo Untitled-1_zpse3eabbc3.jpg
This option from Gap features all of the elements of a classic parka. It is the most expensive, but has a detachable hood and liner making it wearable in various seasons.

This parka from Asos is definitely a twist on the standard. I love the color and the shorter length makes it great for a weekend on the go. Oh, but about that faux fur…

This is another standard anorak in classic army green. I am a huge fan of the cocoon silhouette and like the black hardware on this one.

This quilted parka is a fun alternative to the standard canvas material, but maintains the classic utilitarian details. My sister is quite petite so I think the shorter length and drawstring waist would be great for her.


Beauty Closet: Winter Skin Care

 photo final2_zps031622ec.jpg

I am a secret skin care sleuth. I love digging into people’s bathroom cabinets to check out their go-to products, mostly via magazines and the internet (I’m not really snooping in people’s homes!) While my sister is an absolute make-up junkie who hoards products like nobody I’ve ever seen, I’m more tuned into the skin care sector. I figure if you have great skin, you can wear less makeup (and it’s less work.)
I’ve had a few rough patches with my skin (including last summer, ooph) and since finding a good magician/ dermatologist, have stuck to a regular regime fairly religiously. However, I still love finding new and cult favorite serums and potions. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been struggling with some angry red dry patches around my chin. Since I couldn’t get to the Dr. myself, I asked my mom if she could get any suggestions from her own derm. He mentioned that the dryness and cracking could be due to drooling while sleeping (seriously? gross!) I’m just hoping, and am fairly sure, my husband is not one of those people who lovingly watches his wife sleep. Because I must be a sight! I did a bit of research and remembered that Molly said Aquaphor was an absolute lifesaver for her dry, angry, red patches. I am amazed by this stuff! While I have always lathered Vaseline on my lips during the winter, Aquaphor is less sticky and seems to nourish the skin without congesting my pores. I’ve been swiping it on any dry skin (cuticles, feet, lips) throughout the day and night, and will be hoarding this magic potion throughout the winter. If you have any more cold/dry weather favorites please dish in the comments below!

 photo IMG_3315_zpsc59309d9.jpg

Interior Inspiration:

 photo 5370fd6cabb41600x_zps06e1169e.jpg

Last night, while on a particularly long customer service call with Chase, I got lost in some Interior Inspiration pinning. I ended up stumbling upon the home tour of Project Manager, Tara, featured on SMP Living. I am completely smitten and making mental notes of which aspects I could convince the boy to get on board with for our next home. The subtly sparkly wallpaper, mountains of throw pillows, and table top box of polaroid photos are at the top of the list. This is one of my favorite images, but you can see the whole tour here.