Short Shorts Summer

top via General Eccentric, shorts Bar III, shoes Dolce Vita, bag Kate Spade, necklace purchased in Barcelona
New York, like about 44 other states, has been in the midst of a steamy heat wave making minimal clothing an absolute necessity. These lace shorts are becoming a favorite way to dress up a casual shorts and t-shirt outfit, plus the roomy yet short cut seems quite flattering. I wore this ensemble to kick off the awkward mid-week 4th of July. We spent an evening at Hill Country stuffing ourselves with barbecue brisket, sides, and cheap beer as only America does.

Impractically Pink Summer Sandals

Before the summer officially kicked off I wrote about one of my summer footwear staples, flat sandals. As much as I love my comfy grab- and – go staples, summer is not totally about practicality. I like to think it’s equally as important to share your days with some pink, suede, strappy platform sandals. These newbies are shockingly pink and chunky enough to stand up to short shorts or snazz up a simple dress (P.S. They’re on sale!)


Editorial Chic-spiration: Bardot Reinvented

I rarely post and cover an editorial spread. It needs to really strike my fancy- like this one. The combination of rocker meets 60’s mod with plenty of big lashes and big hair (do we realize I LOVE big hair by now?!) is absolutely amazing. P.S if you’re going to work a crop top this summer, image #2 is the perfect tutorial!

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Tips for Organizing A Closet

(careful it will suck you in…)

My sister recently moved into a new apartment and has sent me multiple texts asking how she should organize her closet. Frankly, if you live in New York, you will likely never have sufficient closet space.ever. With that said, I have gotten fairly creative at cramming a decent amount of clothes into a fairly tiny closet with a tidge of organization. Here are my tips:

Color coordinated closets look beautiful, but they have never functioned well for me. Instead I organize by item.

Coats go on the top rack in the far corner (If you have a coat closet, lucky you, and ignore this.)
I also hang skirts and pants on the top rack because they are shorter and won’t hang over the bottom bar. Pleated and easily wrinkled skirts get proper “skirt” hangers, and the others are hung folded, two per hanger (double hanging is crucial for a small closet!)

On the bottom bar I hang dresses followed by shirts. In the corner I hide the two jackets I reach for on chilly spring nights. Finally it’s important to keep the pieces you most often reach for within easy reach. For me this means keeping work appropriate dresses and shirts on the bottom bar.

As far as the always difficult to store shoes- I keep my nicer shoes on a shoe rack in the bottom of my closet, and boots on the shelf in between bars (stuffed full of magazines to keep their shape!) Sandals and flats are kept in a shoe rack on the back of the bedroom door.

I’m always looking to improve this system so do tell, how do your organize clothes in a small space?

Let’s Catch Up

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. I started a new job, had an unexpected trip due to a family emergency, and a few other adjustments. This weekend I was able to slow down a bit. I slept in (although 6am wake up calls have messed with my definition of “sleeping in”), exercised outside, gave Charlie his summer hair cut (he’s so handsome!), and actually took a few outfit pictures. What have you been up to?
  • I am a recent iPhone convert and have been playing around quite a bit with Instagram, although I absolutely refuse to snap what I’m eating. You can follow my photos here.
  • Also, I love following the positive life tidbits from Gala Darling, and her post on Thursday is empowering, and a tidge challenging if you stop to think about it.
  • Without doing a full MTV Awards rundown, because frankly I couldn’t stand watching the whole thing, Charlize Theron completely rocked out the peplum. Besides that I don’t think I’ve seen many things tackier than Russell Brand repeatedly mocking his marriage.
  • Finally, my staple platform sandals from this post literally split in half mid walk! I have my eyes peeled for some new ones, and would love some suggestions. I like them to be fairly high, comfortable, and not the least bit wobbly. P.S aren’t these cute?
Have a great week!