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When planning our wedding this summer, my now husband (!) and I put together a list of favorite restaurants for our guests. Most guests were traveling from out of town and we wanted everyone to have the best experience in this crazy city as possible.  The list lived on our wedding website, but I figured why not recycle it for other visitors to NYC. The boy had a food blog in the past so this is a collection of our favorite oldies, newbies, and all goodies!

L’Apicio: An absolutely delicious Italian restaurant near the East Village. We highly recommend the spicy mushroom polenta plank to start!

Market Table: Located in the West Village, this is a great farm to table style American restaurant. Even if you never order chicken at a restaurant, order the chicken. It really is that good.

Dell’Anima:  Located very near to Market Table this is great Italian spot, again with incredible (spicy!) chicken. Sitting at the bar or chef’s table here is also a great option for a couple.

Il Buco: Can you tell we like Italian? This one is located in the adorable NoHo neighborhood. To score bonus points with your date, call well in advance and request a table in the basement wine cellar.

Gato: If you would like to try out a celebrity chef spot, this is our favorite from Bobby Flay. It is relatively new and the scrambled egg appetizer is shockingly delicious!

Tertulia:  This is our favorite Spanish restaurant in the city. Located in the West Village, we recommend getting the roast chicken paella. It may be slightly in-authentic, but it’s delicious!

Supper: One of our original favorites in Manhattan! This tiny Italian spot does not take reservations, however you can walk in and leave your number with the hostess. They have an adjoining wine bar where you can wait (and sometimes spot a celebrity!) and the host will find you when your table is ready. The chef’s table is a great experience here, and we highly recommend ordering off the specials list rather than the standard menu, however the bruschetta is delicious. I highly (highly) recommends the mushroom pappardelle. Also, if you’re really hungry, even my brother couldn’t finish his pasta here during his visit! Cash Only.

Sauce: From the same team as Supper, this Italian spot is located farther downtown in the Lower East Side. They will accept reservations for large groups, but will also take your number and text if you wait at a bar nearby. This is a much louder, more crowded restaurant, but the meatballs are delicious! Cash Only.

The Redhead: A southern inspired spot in the East Village, this is a low-key restaurant that is fairly easy to walk in without a reservation. We recommend the fried chicken and shrimp & grits.

Momofuku Ssam: This is a hotspot featuring modern American-Asian fusion. It can get very crowded but is delicious! Also don’t miss the Milk Bar across the street if you are willing to enjoy another couple hundred calories for dessert.

Osteria Morini: One of our favorite birthday dinner sports in the city, this is a large Italian spot in Nolita. The truffle pasta here is ridiculously good as are the meat and cheese platters to start.

The Breslin: This popular gastropub is home to a delicious lamb burger and a lively bar scene. No reservations.

Pizza (because you’re in NY!)

Motorino: A gourmet take on pizza! These are smaller than regular NY pizzas but feature interesting topping combinations and delicious ingredients.

Bleecker Street Pizza: Located in the West Village, this spot has straight forward NYC slices.

Joe’s Pizza: A historical pizza joint in the West Village

Two Boots: Quirky toppings and a crispy corn meal crust make this a great alternate pizza spot with a few locations throughout the city.

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