New House Dress Up

My parents recently moved to a new city and my mom has been designing their new space with a mix of newly purchased furniture and moved pieces. The house is a large, older home with separated rooms and detailed wood work. While the house is similar in style to homes my family has lived in previously, they didn’t move a great deal of furniture, which means….it’s time to play dress up.
 photo Modani_zpsc59bf681.jpg

– A white sofa is a really daring choice (especially if you’re a fan of red vino), but in a home with a formal living room and no kids why not go for it? Plus I love a couch with a chaise extension, they really are the best for lounging.
– I find the sofa with the white throw pillows a little too sterile, and would ditch them for jewel tone printed pillows. I love the rich berry print on this pillow  and would pile them around for comfort (and stain protection.)
– With this white leather couch, my parents would definitely need some natural elements to complement their taste and existing antiques. This wood frame mirror would be gorgeous over an arm chair or the couch.
– Growing up our den had a massive wooden coffee table with two drawers that held literally everything and the kitchen sink. This modern version is a little bit sleeker, but the grain provides a nice natural focal point.
– I love a little shimmer, and this pillow is just neutral enough.
– Every living room needs a cozy throw, and this soft blue complements the jewel tone pillows with a contrasting hue.
– My mom has a thing for yellow rooms and always find a gorgeous gold for dining rooms. This pale butter yellow would be a beautiful way to extend the color into the living room.
– How great are these storage suitcases? They actually open to provide storage, but also could act as an interesting side table stacked together.
– My parents have fantastic artwork from all of their travels that bring warmth and a personal touch to every space. While they tend to incorporate photos or artwork purchased while traveling, I do love this piece currently on One Kings Lane!

Shopping Notes: A Parka

In my family, I have quickly become the go-to person for, “I really want “blank”…can you find it for me?” As someone who enjoys shopping, I know all to well that you will never find exactly what you want right when you need it. I tend to take to take it as a sort of shopping mission when my family sends me these requests, and thought it would be fun to document the hunt.

This weekend my sister asked for my help in finding a light weight, canvas-looking anorak or parka. She has both a heavy weather resistant coat and a knee length wool coat for very cold temperatures. She is in the market for something lighter and more casual that she can throw on with jeans or a casual dress. Living in Nashville I know that my sister has few very formal occasions, and also (lucky lady!) a very short time span of freezing temperatures. Also of note, my sister hates faux fur trim. With this in mind I think I found a few strong contenders…

 photo Untitled-1_zpse3eabbc3.jpg
This option from Gap features all of the elements of a classic parka. It is the most expensive, but has a detachable hood and liner making it wearable in various seasons.

This parka from Asos is definitely a twist on the standard. I love the color and the shorter length makes it great for a weekend on the go. Oh, but about that faux fur…

This is another standard anorak in classic army green. I am a huge fan of the cocoon silhouette and like the black hardware on this one.

This quilted parka is a fun alternative to the standard canvas material, but maintains the classic utilitarian details. My sister is quite petite so I think the shorter length and drawstring waist would be great for her.


Happy Birthday Kate Moss

The legitimate super model turns 40 today, and before street style even became a “thing”, she’s been a constant source of style inspiration on and off the job. Setting the standard for bedhead, natural makeup with a smudged smokey eye, and causing a sudden rush for Wellies, this lady knows what works. Below are a few of my favorite looks from the model off duty and what makes them

 photo Untitled-1_zps16a0dbb0.jpg

1. The Wellie: I’ll fully admit, I didn’t own (or really recognize) a pair of Hunter boots until Kate Moss caused a photo frenzy stomping through a British music festival.  Clearly they are practical for the occasion, but they also draw just enough attention to makes jean shorts and a tank look so cool.

2. Signature Edge: There is so much to love about this look. Firstly, Kate is known as much for her signature bedhead as anything she has ever worn. The ‘do provides a roughed up edge to everything from gowns to sleek blazers. Since her hair in this look is much sleeker, those awesome leather pants provide the signature edge. Also, Kate’s pants ensembles almost always include a thin tee that provides the perfect base layer for accessories.

3. Statement Coat: Did you even notice the LBD beneath that giant fur coat? Neither. Kate always nails her outerwear.

4. Jeans for Days:  I would argue that Kate Moss actually started the boyfriend jean and stiletto combo that has become a casual night out standard. She often balances it with a wispy tee and blazer. (Also her fly is down in this photo. I barely even noticed, but probably won’t be trying that.)

5. Layer Up: Kate is a pro at layered looks and sticks with neutrals to keep the look sleek. Also, that hat? Yes please.

6. The Slip Dress: The slip dress is Moss’ signature evening look and with her wispy body type it always works. It’s definitely a lesson in less is more sexiness no matter what you choose to wear.


Hits, Misses, and Predictions: Golden Globes Fashion

I had every intention of doing a red carpet predictions post leading up to the Golden Globes, but we took a last minute weekend trip and the post got a little sidetracked. However, I spent a large part of the bus ride home scanning Twitter for fashion highlights. One that stopped me in my tracks was Alison Williams. Not because I chose this gown in the would-be round up, but because I skipped over it for the this piece which walked right before it in the Fall 2014 Couture show.

 photo c1319443-d10d-45d0-af4f-1cd06c046314_zps4f594167.jpg

The Armani Prive ballgown is stunning and made for a red carpet, but I the option on the right would have been a fresh change for her. I also want to rough up everything about the styling of this look. She is such a beautiful, young girl and the styling of this gown seems a little stiff. However, this hair and makeup with the option on the right would have been a great contrast.

I loved all of the vibrant color on the carpet last night, and it also felt a little bit more relaxed in terms of style than years past. There were far more sheaths (and a few jumpsuits) with embellishments, and finally less “Old Hollywood Glam.” A few highlights…

Katherine Heigl looked stunning in classic Zac Posen tailoring that fit her like a second skin, and I love the hem.

– Strapless yellow gowns were a surprising trend. Leslie Mann looked gorgeous, but Jenna Dewan- Tatum pulled off my favorite take on the style (with awesome equally awesome hair to rival Sienna Miller’s much buzzed about bob.)

– I love a sparkly red carpet dress and this one is stunning on Julianne Moore.

– White gowns were also a theme on the carpet, and this Michael Kors cut-out version on Emily Blunt is gorgeous. I love the colorful earrings, but the bracelet should have been left at home. Also, yes to her braided up-do.

– Finally, Tina Fey…sigh. I adore you and think you’re hilarious, but you desperately need a new stylist.

Since the Golden Globes kick off the red carpet season here are a few favorite runway gowns that I hope to see at the Oscars.

Elie Saab always shows some major red carpet- worthy gowns and these four were some of my favorites.

 photo 47eca672-6909-4f07-b56d-ae43957b3f55_zps35035b21.jpg

This soft blue is beautiful especially with the shimmer, perfect for a redhead! Also, this is a great sleeved option that isn’t dowdy. Robin Wright looked edgy and little rocker last night in black. The option on the right would be a major yet equally unique option for the Oscars or Emmys.

These two are in one of my favorite colors, coral. I rarely go for a high neck, but this slit balances it out. The deep-v was a major trend last night, and I adore it paired with non-beauty queen sparkle.

 photo 2b3d7386-4502-48fd-be54-30f022276ff5_zps5d273fae.jpg

Valentino showed beautiful gowns for a girl looking to push the envelope. The option on the right would be a great re-do for the ill-fitting Valentino on Claire Danes last night. I would love to see the left option on Lupita Nyong’o, it would look amazing against her skin tone.

 photo 4bd4cc71-96bf-4a88-83d6-9705b45e7eab_zps19428add.jpg

Finally, the late Oscar de la Renta was a natural for the red carpet, and these are two of my favorites from his most recent works. The hot pink is from his resort collection and is simply stunning.

 photo 469f1e1e-0c7e-4a31-9e69-3682545812b2_zps9a19d03c.jpg



About Resolutions…

 photo newyears_zps7396199f.jpg

To all the regular blog readers out there, are you tired of reading about resolutions yet? Me too! Obviously it creates timely content, but they seem to fall into two categories. a) Wildly ambitious and therefore unlikely to stick (lose 20 lbs! Why not start with 2 lbs a week?) b) Deeply thoughtful and slightly new-agey because resolution type a. never works. (P.S I loved Erin’s post on this same issue here.) I’m all for hitting the reset button in the new year, and on Pinterest over the weekend I came across the above quote. I think it’s a great bullet point list for evaluating and setting some small attainable goals across the board.

1. Fairly obvious, but this one is your job. Hopefully you are doing something you enjoy. If not, don’t quit your job, but make yourself visible. Brush up your LinkedIn profile, spend some time reconnecting with your network, and keep your eyes open to new opportunities.

2. Doesn’t this sound more fun than “lose 20 lbs”? An incredibly odd thing about me is that I actually enjoy gyms. Some days I’m not in the mood, but there is something about the sweat dripping, rosey cheeked camaraderie (and cute workout clothes) that I actually enjoy. Plus, if I’m not working out at least 4 days a week I am total you know what to live with. Running is my hobby of choice, but I’m mixing in more weight routines and intervals to avoid plateauing.

3. This is the one we all tend to neglect. What’s the thing you enjoy doing even if you don’t have to? Or something you used to like that you let totally drop off the radar? I have a couple, but one that always comes to mind is writing. In all of my jobs writing has been a major part of the position, and because of that I would let hobby writing fall off the map. This year I plan to write 300 – 500 words a day just because. They may show up on here, but they may not. In either case it keeps the creative juices flowing, my skills sharp, and I like it.

What do you think about this method of goal setting?