Interior Update

I’ve often heard the saying, “You know you’re an adult when you replace one light fixture with a better one.” Apparently, it’s an example of maturity, or nesting, when you choose to spend money and effort on non-required home updates. The perfect example, had we replaced it, would be the light in our last kitchen, which created the warm ambiance of a dental office. I think a similar statement can be made regarding throw pillows.

I love throw pillows for their color and comfort, but rarely switch them out. I’ve even heard of people doing this seasonally! When I do log into Wayfair, or wander into the decor section to hunt down some new pillows, the desire for new shoes over new throw pillows always wins. However, this week maturity won, and our couch officially got some flashy new summer ready throw pillows. Plus, thanks to a day of DIY determination, the shoes didn’t have to lose.

Our last set of throw pillows for the couch were maroon and approximately three years old. While they were perfectly fine, I was ready for an update and a new dose of color to our living room. I casually mentioned this when I was home a few weeks ago, and my mom just as casually resonded, “You can make them.” She opened up a wardrobe (in my room!) which held a fabric supply store worth of fabric, and sent me home with the potential for a graphic new update.

It really was a very simple project. I have a sewing machine, which made the process much faster (except for the fact that I forgot some sewing basics. This tutorial was incredibly helpful when my machine refused to stay threaded.) First, I spread the length of fabric across the floor and laid the first pillow on top. I cut around the pillow leaving about 2 inches of excess on either side.

Step 1

I then placed this square directly on top of the next area of fabric, and cut the second side of the pillow.

STep 2

I placed these two pieces together, with the print facing inward. After sewing three edges together I flipped the entire thing inside out, and attached the final edges together. Seeing as I’m switching these out so frequently, I didn’t feel the need to splurge on a zipper.

Step 3

Step 4

The boy described these as being quite Jonathan Adler-esque, and I’m quite happy with the new update.


finish 2