Live from LA…



Charlie taking in the view

One month ago today, we packed up and moved from New York to Los Angeles. That makes it sound much smoother and carefree than the process really was, but we’ve made it!

Growing up I moved cities every four years after age 11, but oddly enough I had been in New York for nearly seven. I never intended to become a permanent New Yorker, but I also never had intentional future plans to leave. Of course, life happens and in the fall due to some changes at my husband’s work we were offered to jump coasts. It was a great opportunity professionally and an exciting one personally, so off we went.

We made sure to give New York a proper farewell with an incredibly epic final week. We went out to dinner every night to some of our favorite spots (often with a free goodbye dessert!) We visited the Christmas windows, strolled old and current neighborhoods, and split far more than a week’s worth of champagne with great friends. After 30 days on the west coast here are a few thoughts, notes and highlights:

– As we we prepped to leave New York, several people mentioned that “everyone is moving to LA.” On paper the cities seem very much alike (fashion, art, entertainment), but in lifestyle they are incredibly different. Most obviously, in New York I walked everywhere. Literally everywhere. Of course in LA we drive. Everywhere. For the first three weeks I got in the car, looked up Google Maps, got lost, rerouted, and got home two hours later exhausted. Today I finally got our car registered with California plates, and I also think I’ve mastered the 405.

In Dramatic Fashion _Jan5
The best parking spot

– During our first week here we were towed and ticketed, separately. I’ve heard this happens often, but fingers crossed not too often.

– No matter what, I am almost always slightly over dressed. It’s a nice relaxing change, but I will probably still be over dressed.

– Last week Charlie learned to consistently do his business on the grass rather than the sidwalk. Huge win.

– We now do our morning walks next to the ocean watching the surfers and bumping into other dog buddies without blocking the sidewalk.


Post New Years Day Swim (yes it was freezing!)

– There is an endless stream of fish tacos, which I’m counting as “healthy seafood fats” aka good for you.

– I can not find the right balance of layers for this “winter weather”, more on this to come…

Let’s see what the next 30 days bring!