31 Years Ago…

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Thirty one years ago today these two crazy kids (aka my parents) tied the knot. They married in the very same town where I met my now husband almost seven years ago – wow. In my mind my parents have one of the most beautiful and loving marriages, with a handful of truly bizarre quirks, which also looks incredibly fun. As the boy and I approach our three month mark, I’ve drawn a few conclusions from my parents thirty one year example…

Be Nice: It sounds so simple, yet too often I see couples that just don’t seem to be nice to each other. Whether they ask the other if they need something when they get up from the couch, or pick up something the other likes from the grocery even though it’s not their favorite, it’s nice to live with a nice person. When you are apart, flowers and pre-made dinners in the freezer help too.

Be a Team: Growing up I literally thought there was nothing my parents can’t do, and now I realize even more there is nothing they can’t do together. From building a deck to renovating a kitchen, ridiculously long road trips to see loved ones to successfully moving a family across the ocean, these two manage to do it together. They pull equal weight in the task, and cheer each other on during the long haul.

Fight Fair: Let’s be honest everyone fights, but I honestly can’t think of a time when my parents ever yelled at each other. Now that we’re older I’ll sometimes catch a little venting through the phone, but these two handle their fights responsibly. It may drag on filling the house with a little tension, but at the end of the day they sort it out sans screaming, yelling, or ridiculous accusations.

Have Your Partner’s Back: If we mouthed off to my mom growing up my dad’s response would be, “Don’t talk to your mother like that.” If we really mouthed off his response was, “Don’t talk to my wife like that.” That’s when we knew things were serious and we were way out of line. No matter what is happening in life it’s nice to know that one person will always be there to back you up.

Thanks for being such a great example mom and dad, now enjoy the game tonight in your matching fleeces.