#WeddingWednesday: In the Details

Match Collage
Now that most of the major pieces of our wedding are in place, I’ve been having some fun playing with the details. Before the boy left for California he kindly asked, “Can you do all those little things that make the day personal.” No pressure.
One thing that I haven’t been able to get out of my mind are these adorable personalized matches that I pinned a few weeks ago. ┬áSure they make sense for that Pin worthy sparkler exit, but I also think they are just too cute! My mom, sister, and I have a shared Pin board for all of the wedding ideas, and I love that my mom treats it like a text message. As soon as a pin hits that board I immediately get a comment with her thoughts. This one was, “Let’s make sure we get some of those.” Well, you don’t have to convince me!
The above are some of the sample ideas. I’m keeping our design a secret, but I am absolutely smitten with the idea of these being displayed on the bar next to our signature cocktails.