Chic-spiration: Stripes on Stripes

Here’s a confession: I was never that into stripes. This seems completely off the wall with the crazed obsession with stripes these days, but I just never hopped on board. They always felt a little preppy or traditional. Plus my mom always said under no circumstances should you wear horizontal stripes across your derriere or it will look the size of a barn. That will pretty much kill any stripe affection.

Then I started to see the below. Not just plain striped tees, but stripes on steroids. Thick and thin stripes overlayed in one outfit, almost always a skirt and top, and I was on board. I had been looking for a great printed pencil skirt to wear with a slouchy tee à la the apparent French girl uniform, and this gave that skirt more options!

stripes collages


Image 1, 2 (this kicked off the obsessions), 3, 4

I just so happened to find the perfect pencil skirt made of a very thick (ahem flattering) fabric at my go-to Joe Fresh. I’ve worn it once with a blouse, but had yet to find it’s perfect striped mate until I revisited early this week (it really is an issue that I live so close.) While I love the idea of a crop top, this combined with my fitted pencil skirt and love for large meals sounded like an issue. I’m going to hold on the crop top for a floral skirt in my closet, and test out one of the options below instead. I think I prefer the thin strap on the right, but maybe the large contrast of the stripe on the left, what are your thoughts?

joe fresh post


Stripe Silk Tank/ Stripe Cami/ Sunglasses/ Sandals/ Pencil Skirt