This or That: Party Pants

 photo sequinpants_zpsb13acdaa.jpg

(MILLY Sequined tulle straight-leg pant/ Silence + Noise Sequin Pant)

With just two weekends left before Christmas, this weekend is undoubtedly full of holiday festivities, or even better, it’s an excuse to host a last minute shindig of your own. While hosting a party comes with it’s own bundle of stresses, it also offers the luxury that at the end of the night you can turn off the lights and roll into bed while your guests brave the chill to hail a cab home.
As the host, you need a festive outfit that captures the atmosphere you hope to create, as well as being comfortable enough to stand, refill, and mingle in all night. Sequin sweatpants may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but can you really think of a better suited piece? I first came across a pair of sequin joggers in the window of Anthropologie last winter. They were beautifully styled (as the team always manages to do) and I often reference that mental polaroid when putting together my own hostess look. Recently I saw Blair sporting another pair of beautiful sparkly joggers and again went on a clicking spree to locate them. While I really do love this piece, the price seemed a little steep for a pair of pants that (even for me!) offers limited wearing potential. However, last night I happened to spot a near identical pair from Urban Outfitters on Pinterest. They seem to offer the same straight silhouette with a slight slouch and easy waistband and while they aren’t cheap, they do offer a less expensive way to test drive the look for your next soiree. (P.S This black pair and these velvet sweatpants are also fun festive options.)