Frozen Tundra Layering Essentials

Despite last week’s blizzard flop, New York has still settled into a very cold and windy frozen tundra. This makes getting dressed in a somewhat interesting outfit incredibly difficult, even after mustering up the motivation to leave your house. To stay warm and stylish, without resorting to a giant puffer coat and leggings, layers are absolutely required. There are endless articles on layering, including how the J.Crew models where four shirts and don’t look like a crazy person, but I’ve decided to pare it down to the essential top layers that will beat boredom and chill in the months ahead.

 photo sweaters_zps7f48cb0f.jpg
Chunky knits are ultra warm and cozy, but make layering difficult. While they may be perfect for skiing, I prefer warm thin knits for layering under vests or jackets. In a slim extended cut they can be just as cozy without the added bulk.

I remember the first time I bought a short sleeve turtleneck and my sister could not figure out how that made sense. Now I’m tempted to get this longer sleeveless version. A tunic length is perfect for making leggings respectable outside the gym, and sleeveless is perfect for layering under a blazer or cropped jacket.

I’m not much of a cardigan fan since they make me feel a little matronly. However, a huge wrap sweater I can totally get behind. I like to layer these under a warm coat for ultra chilly days, plus when you wrap the lapels over your chest you can eliminate a scarf.

Steal Her Look For…

 photo redcoatlook_zpsf75fc96d.jpg

A day date could be brunch, lunch, antiquing or a matinee movie. In any case, the date you’ve been waiting for pops up at a moment’s notice. Maybe it’s last-minute, maybe earlier plans now have you running late in preparations. The look for this occasion needs to make you feel special while portraying confidence and general attractiveness (it is a date!) The answer for fall is the statement coat, preferably one that nearly acts as an outfit on its own. The near ankle-length of this red stunner is over the top drama, but you can just as easily use a calf grazer or cocoon style. Boyfriend skinny jeans and slouchy white tee keep it casual (aka you didn’t try too hard, but just happen to look this good.) Of course you add python heels. There is a subtle sexiness to animal print that will off set your casual denim perfectly. Now run out the door and cross your fingers that your coat catches in the wind like this lady, but avoid any cobblestone tripping hazards.

This image has been pinned all over the internet and catches my eye every.single.time.
– This Vince coat has the same shocking hue in a slightly shorter length. This one is a darker burgundy, but an equally cozy shape. Maybe hold it for the last-minute night date.
Skinny boyfriend jeans in a slightly faded traditional blue. Check.
Pointy pumps in subtly sexy snake print. Bonus points for these actually being comfortable – nobody likes the date that can’t walk.
– A substantial clutch in the season’s must-have print to hold only the essentials.

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Discovered: PRIMARY

Discovered is a series capturing new to me findings in fashion, food, beauty, or the fun niceties of life. They may be new, or they may just be new to me (and maybe you.)

 photo layout1_zps173fca70.jpg
This is really a lesson in rediscovery. I first came across PRIMARY on The Glamourai when she began styling their photo shoots years ago. As with many of the shoots Kelly styles, the lookbook was a cool mix of sophisticated edge, and led me to spend a good deal of time perusing their site. However, due primarily (no pun intended) to the price, I left the site as a source of inspiration rather than shopping.

Last week something led me to check out the site again, and I was pleasantly surprised by a series of updates. The first, and most noticeable change, is that the price of their pieces have dropped dramatically.  There are more than a few unique easily mixable pieces falling under the $150 mark. After noticing this I quickly hopped over to the about page to see what had changed, hoping it was not a shift toward lower quality fabrics and questionable manufacturing. What I found instead was a shift in the brand’s thinking of retail, how they would reach their consumer, and how their own fashion calendar would stand. In their own words…

The new PRIMARYNY.COM is here!  By Spring of 2014 we shipped our last apparel wholesale delivery.  By no longer wholesaling our apparel line we have effectively cut-out the middle man.  What does that mean for you? Higher quality fabrics, better garment construction through our all-USA manufacturing ( 80% is produced in New York ), much lower prices since there’s no retail markup, and monthly fashion editorials; that you can see now / wear now.  No more 6 months waiting for our collection to hit stores.  We are designing in-season, and producing small batches at our local factory in New York.  We will also begin to slowly add new designers to our shop this Fall; designers that excel in their specific category for a broader scope of the PRIMARY lifestyle; all united by aesthetic. 

Since working for Marla Cielo I am completely fascinated by local manufacturing and the New York garment district. Plus, although I may day dream seasons ahead, I am definitely of the buy now / wear now mindset! A few of the pieces that grabbed my current fall shopping brain were this semi sheer lace set, an ultra cool pencil skirt, and the pants that may convince me to give harem pants a whirl (love!)

More Love for Piperlime

Piperlime is my not so secret go-to site for internet window shopping. They always have the perfect on-trend-but-not-on-everyone piece for which you’re searching with a great mix of prices. Unfortunately, I think this habit is only going to get worse with the new site revamp.

When working in eCommerce you’re constantly on the lookout for fresh new retail sites. What are they doing to keep their audience lingering, clicking, and hopefully converting? In my opinion, Piperlime just jumped way ahead in the race. Here are four things I’m loving right now on the new site:

Celeb picks: Piperlime has had Olivia P. editing collections for a while, but they have now added a handful of new and incredibly stylish additions to their site. I wasn’t really familiar with some of the personalities (as an !E addict this rarely happens) but I love the mix of personal styles and shopping selections. Also, someone once told me that no shopper actually wants to read. I give this a resounding false and love the Q&A at the top of each capsule edit.

Shop Social (that works!): It seems like eComm sites have been trying to successfully integrate social feeds in a meaningful way for about the last decade. Here it actually works. Also, I actually clicked on the style collage on the homepage twice, and got different results! It seems simple but constant discovery will definitely keep this shopper coming back.

Curated Vintage: This is something totally new for Piperlime and I’m really curious to see how it works. Personally I’m not much of a vintage shopper (I frankly don’t have the patience) but these super luxe pieces look gorgeous.

Piperlime Collection: It feels like they’ve had it all along, but Piperlime finally launched their own collection! Unlike some of their in-house labels (Tinley Road) the Piperlime Collection is a tight edit of seasonal pieces that hits all of the right notes.

 photo piperlimepost_zps32de17d6.jpg

My current favorites from the Piperlime Collection…
The perfect leopard coat: I adore the infamous Malene Birger leopard coat, and this one has a more casual style (and price tag.)
Sweet separates: This skirt and top pairing would be adorable together and apart for fall, and there are several other color options.
The new parisian: The “Oui Oui” tee is everywhere. This one is just as fun and a little more subtle.
Button-up: Lots of prints in a style staple.
Pink Moto: I fell in love with a very similar moto jacket from Anthropologie last year but didn’t go for it. This one just may take its place.

P.S Everything is under $200 – extra bonus!