Updo Overhaul

photo (1)

One of the things that has been secretly (or no so secretly depending who you ask) stressing me out is my wedding hair. I like to think of myself as fairly low maintenance. I can literally be shower to date night ready (with hair washing!) in 40 minutes. So it seemed ridiculous that I was getting stressed out over hair. But was.I.ever.

I was never a girl that went and got her hair put up for high school dances. I tried it once, but the curling process took so long that we nixed the process midway, headed home, and my mom fixed it for the night. With this in mind,  I am positive that my hair needs to be up for the wedding. It’s going to be August in New York, and I guarantee that if I tried to rock bombshell waves I would sweat my perfectly coiffed derriere off. So I’ve taken to Pinning hundreds of messy updos to Pinterest (my sister even called me out on the sheer number.)

Finally I bit the bullet and hired a stylist for a trial. Holy disaster. My nightmare hair is perfectly parted, stiff, and even slightly matronly. We managed all of this and more in our two hour period. It kept getting worse as I kept pulling up the photos I sent pre-appointment and asked for more wave, less shallacked curl.  If you never wear your hair up (or vice versa) it can be strange to see a style on yourself. But I didn’t need time to realize this was not going to work. Two hours later I was traumatized and back to square one.

This week, realizing I needed to try again, I emailed the team at  Bloom Beauty Lounge. Their slogan of, “Don’t want to feel like you’re attending a 1985 prom on your wedding day? Here, you will get a romantic, perfect-for-you updo and makeup for your special day” had me confident that we could be speaking the same language. Thankfully Tara totally got me today! We tried what I originally thought would work and when I looked less than thrilled she explained what no one else had said (and what makes total sense!) As you are pinning like a mad woman, most photos show the back or side of the updo. So when you see the front on yourself, let’s say it’s a little wah wah. She also emphasized that I have a lot of hair. (I do know this, but easily forget it.) Obviously styles on shoulder length hair change quite a bit on mid back length hair. Oh the woos of Pinterest. Instead she happily took out the front and reworked it with different parts, twists, curls, braids, and lift. 

She took several photos with different angles, and then gave me her direct email so I could contact her with any adjustments, questions, and photos. Of course as I got home I had a few tweaks and questions, but feel such a sense of relief. Even if it was a slightly embarrassing way to begin. Oh and that sweet fishtail braid? Tara did it in two minutes after taking out all of my bobby pins. I think I would wear this four days a week… if I could do it to myself.