#WeddingWednesday : Flowers, Song Selections, and a Bachelor Party


And just like that, it’s July! Summer is in full swing, it’s sweltering, and we’re under 50 days away from tying the knot. Thankfully, the master of the Google Doc and I regrouped last night, and things are chugging along right on schedule. All of the large planning tasks are booked, we’re just making tweaks, final tastings, song selections, and I booked Charlie’s staycation with the dog sitter. My second bridesmaid tried on her dress last night and thankfully (!!) only needs minor alterations, meaning that too can be checked off the list.

One of the trickier tasks has actually been finalizing the floral arrangements. Going into the planning process, flowers really weren’t at the top of my list of priorities. Of course I love flowers, (there really isn’t anything to dislike about sweet smelling gorgeousness); however, between the music, dress, and venue, they weren’t ranking in the top 10. What a future bride quickly realizes is…flowers can be expensive. So even if you don’t have a strong of opinion, you tend to become pickier with the pricing proposal. Who wants to pay a sizeable amount for something they feel lukewarm towards? Luckily, John has been incredibly patient and we’re nearly finished. Now, as long as the groom behaves himself at this weekend’s bachelor party things should stay right on track.